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I am stylin' with Stan Lee - Part 2

Sponsored by StylinOnline - 200,000 pop culture t-shirts in-stock & in your size: Many men who have achieved so much in their careers may rest on the accomplishments, but Stan Lee is no ordinary man. Stan explains in the second part of our interview how he continues to expand his reach in the comic and literary world with new projects like Boom Comics, the National Hockey League, and a Romeo+Juliet-inspired "1821". Amidst his success, Stan remains more than humble - a class act, indeed. KP recounts Stan's recent fan experience with a young man he met at the New York Comic Con and what it meant to them both. Seizing the opportunity, KP takes his opportunity to get Stan's autograph. To learn more about Stan Lee visit Get every episode delivered as soon as its posted - free! Subscribe in iTunes! Show suggestion, fan questions, special request? Email Like us on Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - January 22, 2014
Subject: I am stylin' with Stan Lee - Part 2
Three stars.
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